Jake Horowitz 

Best known for his roles in A Midsummer Night’s Dream directed by Julie Taymor, The American Werewolves and as Romeo in the recent production of Romeo & Juliet presented by Dallas Theatre Center at the Kalita Humphrey’s Theatre, NYC native Horowitz is an emerging talent you don’t want to ignore.

Partnering with Jake for an updated set of portraits, you’re able to see what we captured below along with a 10 question Q&A with the actor on his start, obstacles he faced playing Romeo and what frightens him the most.

SG: Tell us a little about your history as an actor. Your start and where you see yourself in 5 years from now.

JH: My dad ran a theatre company so I was basically raised in old New York theaters. From the time I could form sentences I was watching great actors do great plays. I loved it. Loved performing, loved dancing (my first ambitions were to be a ballet dancer…wised up and got off that train though). I began taking acting classes through middle school and high school and finally landed myself a spot at California Institute of the Arts where I studied for two years.
Five years from now…hmmm….I see myself working similarly to how I am now actually. Building a career, growing as an artist, trying to do my best work everywhere I go.

SG: What life advise would you give your younger self?

JH: I think younger me did a pretty good job…if I could give advice I think it might just be not to compare myself to others. Your path will land you where it lands you all based on what you do, completely irrelevant of what others do.

SG: What movie / play would you love to re-make and have you as the star?

JH: I would love to play Timothy Hutton’s role in Ordinary People. Also would love to be in a remake of Twin Peaks, I love that TV show so much. So eerie and adventurous and detailed.

SG: Top advice anyone has given you about the industry?

JH: Alan Rickman came to see our final dress of The Crucible in high school, I played none other than John Proctor. He was very complimentary but gave one note, to just let the words do a little more of the work for me. It’s an incredible blessing to be working with great writing. Sometimes you can let the words shine instead of trying too hard to color it with emotion. He introduced me to this idea which I always refer back to.

SG: What are some of the obstacles (if any) you had to over come in order to play your role as Romeo as accurately as possible?

JH: Just to not judge it in a rational way. Romeo and Juliet make awfully rash decisions and to play them truthfully I had to leave rationality at the door and make decisions based on impulse and feeling.

SG: If you could have a 1 hr conversation with an actor who’s passed, who would it be and what would you ask?

JH: Because I’ve been living with Shakespeare for the past couple months I would LOVE to go back and talk to Richard Burbage, Shakespeare’s leading man, about what it was like to perform those plays for those people in that time. Theater has such a different place in our society now that entertainment has grown and expanded in so many ways. Back then the theater was the major entertainment venue, a real coming together of society. I’m so curious what it was really like.

SG: What frightens you most as an actor?

JH: Telling a joke and not hearing a laugh! mediocrity scares me. I’d rather be god awful in something than mediocre in it. Ironically what scares me is that I might rest on my laurels and not take risks. Taking risks is the only way I know how to really grow whether or not the risk results in ultimate failure or total success, so the idea of becoming stagnant is pretty scary.

SG: Which actor would you love to switch places with for a week and live their life?

JH: Sylvester Stallone. Cause, like, why not?

SG: If you were offered $100million to stop pursuing your career as an actor would you take it? Why or why not.

JH: I really don’t think I would. Because acting is all I really know how to do, i love it so dearly and I think giving it up would result in more sadness at the loss than happiness for the financial gain. I don’t think I could live for very long without having something to do, some project to work on. So giving up my art….I don’t think so.

SG: What’s a fun fact about yourself most people are unaware of?

JH: Soccer is my second love, right after acting. I play every weekend and wake up at the crack of dawn to watch my team play in the English league religiously. Go Gunners!

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