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If you’re looking for headshots for women, check out these 7 new images featuring LA actresses who were either recommended or happened to fall in love with the look and feel of my headshots. The talent is represented by some of Los Angeles’ top-caliber talent agencies including Kim Dawson and Linda McAlister (both of which I am an agency approved photographer)

LA Headshots for Women 101

Ladies, please bare the following details in mind before you show up to your Headshot session.

  1. Get a good nights rest 3-4 days prior to your shoot. You do not want to show up looking tired.
  2. Your make-up should be clean, simple and fresh. This is not a super glam pageant photo.
  3. Avoid crazy patterns, logos and un-fitted garments. Ruffles and bell sleeves never look good on film.
  4. Most importantly, be comfortable and confident in your own skin. If you’re not self-assured, no amount of make-up or Photoshop can fix that and more than likely you won’t like 200+ photos of yourself either.

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