Business and Corporate Clients

I’m an agency approved headshot photographer who on top of working with actors, also gets commissioned for professional headshots in Los Angeles by business, corporate, real estate, lawyers and medical professionals in need of an updated, modern image.


Your Image Matters

You can point out a bad headshot in under a second. But you also notice a special one that stands out from the crowd. As we now, first impressions are everything, especially in this fast-paced web connected world.

What’s the first thing potential customers do today when researching a business?

They Google or Yelp your business for more info. Whether it’s to read your reviews or to get a feel for who you are and what you are about, your photos are instantly scanned and they hold the power to say a lot about your company.

Subpar photos bring the thought “low-end” about you/your business to customers mind which is why it’s heavily important to invest in a professional photographer, not your high school friend that has an expensive camera, for your professional photos to reflect your line of work in a good light.

You’ve Found Your Professional Headshots in LA

With clients like Re/Max, Keller Williams, Texas Institute for Surgery and The Dallas Arts Center, you can rest assured that your headshots will be solid images that you will proudly use to portray your company as a top caliber business attracting more clientele.

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