What's Big Brother?

Have you heard of this show? No? Great. Neither have I.

 Campbell Agency new face, Clay Honeycutt, seems to be the guy of the moment because of it. I haven’t done much research on the show, but I gather that it’s a bit similar to The Real World (I think).

A Launching Platform

The show has a big following (especially among women) and ever since he made his debut, his fanbase on and off the web has skyrocketed and everyone seems to know his name.

Glad I caught him before the show aired and we got to create some magical black and white images showing off his all American looks that he seems to be so known for.

also, view portraits of tyler wayne from way works shot on location at his shop.

Clay Honeycutt in B&W Fashion Images
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Clay Honeycutt in B&W Fashion Images
Clay Honeycutt is featured in these black and white fashion images photographed by Sergio Garcia Photography.
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Sergio Garcia Photography
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