Business Professional Looking for Professional Headshots in LA?

Business and Corporate Clients

I’m an agency approved headshot photographer who on top of working with actors, also gets commissioned for professional headshots in Los Angeles by business, corporate, real estate, lawyers and medical professionals in need of an updated, modern image.


Your Image Matters

You can point out a bad headshot in under a second. But you also notice a special one that stands out from the crowd. As we now, first impressions are everything, especially in this fast-paced web connected world.

What’s the first thing potential customers do today when researching a business?

They Google or Yelp your business for more info. Whether it’s to read your reviews or to get a feel for who you are and what you are about, your photos are instantly scanned and they hold the power to say a lot about your company.

Subpar photos bring the thought “low-end” about you/your business to customers mind which is why it’s heavily important to invest in a professional photographer, not your high school friend that has an expensive camera, for your professional photos to reflect your line of work in a good light.

You’ve Found Your Professional Headshots in LA

With clients like Re/Max, Keller Williams, Texas Institute for Surgery and The Dallas Arts Center, you can rest assured that your headshots will be solid images that you will proudly use to portray your company as a top caliber business attracting more clientele.

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7 Current LA Headshots for Women

Keep it Current

If you’re looking for headshots for women, check out these 7 new images featuring LA actresses who were either recommended or happened to fall in love with the look and feel of my headshots. The talent is represented by some of Los Angeles’ top-caliber talent agencies including Kim Dawson and Linda McAlister (both of which I am an agency approved photographer)

LA Headshots for Women 101

Ladies, please bare the following details in mind before you show up to your Headshot session.

  1. Get a good nights rest 3-4 days prior to your shoot. You do not want to show up looking tired.
  2. Your make-up should be clean, simple and fresh. This is not a super glam pageant photo.
  3. Avoid crazy patterns, logos and un-fitted garments. Ruffles and bell sleeves never look good on film.
  4. Most importantly, be comfortable and confident in your own skin. If you’re not self-assured, no amount of make-up or Photoshop can fix that and more than likely you won’t like 200+ photos of yourself either.

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Looking for Acting Headshot Photographers in LA?

Great Headshots Get You Noticed

Looking for Acting Headshot Photographers in Los Angeles? Are you a represented (or seeking representation) Actor?  I’m one of LA’ agency approved headshot photographers working with top talent agencies such as Kim DawsonLinda McAlisterThe Campbell Agency and The Linicomn Agency, to name a few.


Acting Headshot Photographers in Los Angeles

What is an Agency Approved Photographer?

Simply put, an agency approved photographer is one who has provided and met the keen specifications of the actors agent(s) in order to be one of a few, Agency Approved Photographers, for the talent at that specific Talent Agency.

I’m grateful that I’m an Agency Approved Photographer for some of LA’ prominent Talent Agencies.

Actor Looking for Representation?

On top of providing agency approved headshots, I take great pride in extending a helping hand to actors who are currently looking for representation by sending in their resume along with headshots from our session to my contacts at these top LA Talent Agencies.

Proud to say we have gotten a number of freelance actors placed with established companies that back them up and push them forward.

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LA actor looking for representation? Book your headshot session with Sergio Garcia and he will get your images in front of Los Angeles talent agencies.

Modern LA Headshots Focused on Men

All About The Eyes

Modern Headshots are clean, polished and all about the eyes. In these 8 images, I believe we were able to showcase these mens personality and that’s what you see through their smile, smirky up-to-no-good grins and their confident stare.

This group of guys includes actors, a talent coach and a High School dropout that is now a self-made Millionaire.

Modern LA Headshots for Professionals

Whether you’re an author, doctor, meteorologist or real estate broker, you need a powerful headshot with a modern twist that portrays a confident man clients want to do business with. First impressions are everything.

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Looking for LA Headshots for Actors?

Time to Update?

How much physical change do you go through in a 1-2 years?

How about 5 years? Some actors haven’t updated their headshots in over 5+ years, that’s a long time passing where you’ve grown older, lost / gained weight or changed your hair style. I suggest you keep your headshots updated yearly, that way you have fresh material to share and keep yourself relevant and new.

You’ve Found Los Angeles Headshots for Actors

I welcome you to browse through these actor headshots, as well as others on my site, and contact me for your own personal session by clicking on the banner to the right.

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11 Professional Headshot Examples for Actors and Business Professionals

There's Only One of You

What’s your distinct look? Whether you’re looking for a modern or traditional portrait photographer in LA, my studio can accommodate your specific needs and create your brands new look.

One Professional Headshot

A single professional headshot is all it takes to make your website and/or business card pop-out. Get in contact with Los Angeles portrait photographer, Sergio Garcia.

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