Wild Yosemite

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We teamed up with avid outdoorsman, Thomas Mullins, for this epic series of photos where we capture his love for nature with the Yosemite National Park scenery. These advertising images were captured by Los Angeles advertising photographer, Sergio Garcia Photography.

Team Credits

Thomas Mullins | Model @ Kim Dawson

Ana Patino | Stylist @ The Campbell Agency

Susie Gray Uphues | Hair • Make-Up @ The Campbell Agency

Craig Thomas | Light Tech

Holden Lower by Sergio Garcia Photography for OKOKAY Magazine

Holden Lower (Goes Amish)

Rising male model, Holden Lower, is showcased as a modern amish male in OKOKAY Magazines newest editorial. These fashion images were photographed by Los Angeles fashion photographer, Sergio Garcia.

Team Credits

Model: Holden Lower @ Kim Dawson

Stylist: Ana Patino @ The Campbell Agency

Grooming: Lyndsey Peck

Light Tech: Craig Thomas

Advertising Campaign: Romeo and Juliet for DTC

Dallas Theatre Center Presents: Romeo and Juliet

I got the opportunity to work with Dallas Theatre Center again to photograph their new advertising images for Romeo and Juliet set to start on Jan 27th.

Director Joel Ferrell wanted both Romeo and Juliet, portrayed by NYC natives Jake Horowitz and Kerry Warren, surrounded by chaos while the world closest to them was in a lovers stand still.

Full of Love

Big thanks to the entire production team and talent for pulling this campaign off.

Tickets to the show are available for purchase. Prices will start as low at $18 and there will be Valentines Day promotion, keep an eye out.

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Editorial: Homesick Blues in New York City

Homesick Blues in Manhattan

VNY newcomer Charles Cellier is the face of our new Mens Fashion story for ON Magazine‘s Travel Issue.

Shot on-location throughout Washington Square Park and NYU, Homesick Blues features key thread pieces from STAG Provisions in Dallas.

Mens Fashion in The City

Generally speaking, working on-location presents an array of challenges and when you add bustling New York City as the backdrop, there’s definitely some misadventures to be had.

Luckily for us, both our wardrobe stylist [Ashley Kim] and hair and make-up artist [Julissa Lopez] are acute of Manhattans ins and outs which provided a suitable outcome for our shoot at the end of the day.

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Subdued Film Fashion Photography feat. Shamone

Natural and Raw

Jamaican native, Shamone, currently resides in Brooklyn and is placed with MUSE models in New York City. We took a simple approach to this film fashion photography session and decided to keep the hair, make-up and styling, simple.

Craving more of an organic and raw , not posed and structured feeling.

The ‘Mood’ Film Creates

All images were shot with a Nikon F2 film camera, which added an intimate, vintage feeling to the images making you feel as if you’re there with her.

The second portrait image of her featured above with the messy fro (reminds me of Jean-Michael Basquiat, to be honest) was a happy accident. Shamone’s make-up had just wrapped up and her hair was about to start when I looked over, saw the messy tease, and told her not to touch it!

had to capture a portrait of Shamone with the un-tamed do.

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Jaq Bueno The Girl from Brazil

Small Town Girl

First scouted in Brazil by a talent agency but after they requested money up front for placement, she turned them down. They reached out to her again about representation (sans the upfront money) and she jumped on the opportunity and was eventually placed with MUSE models in New York City, where she currently resides.

Jaq Bueno Before Modeling

Before her modeling career, Jaq grew up in her family owned coffee farm in a village close to São Paulo. Her twin sister also models and is placed with MUSE in NYC.

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