Toyota Connected + Sergio Garcia Photography

Toyota Connected

I was commissioned by Toyota Motor North America to partner with them on Toyota Connected, their new AI connected car services in cahoots with Microsoft. The shoot objective was to capture new promotional branding images of the lead team members of this new venture so the company can use not only on their website but also all their press releases to come in the following press announcements.

Vehicles would study their owners habits and as the technology improves, will seek ways to make themselves helpful.

For instance, while you and your family are driving out to the lake this artificial intelligence technology would suggest local outdoor recreation stores where you could stop for accessories and make recommendations on your favorite types of restaurants on the way to your final destination.

Toyota Connected will help free our customers from the tyranny of technology. It will make lives easier and help us to return to our humanity,” said Zack Hicks, Chief Executive Officer of Toyota Connected and Chief Information Officer at Toyota Motor North America.

Read more on D Magazine or USA Today.

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Advertising Campaign: Romeo and Juliet for DTC

Dallas Theatre Center Presents: Romeo and Juliet

I got the opportunity to work with Dallas Theatre Center again to photograph their new advertising images for Romeo and Juliet set to start on Jan 27th.

Director Joel Ferrell wanted both Romeo and Juliet, portrayed by NYC natives Jake Horowitz and Kerry Warren, surrounded by chaos while the world closest to them was in a lovers stand still.

Full of Love

Big thanks to the entire production team and talent for pulling this campaign off.

Tickets to the show are available for purchase. Prices will start as low at $18 and there will be Valentines Day promotion, keep an eye out.

Take a look at my past advertising collaboration with Dallas Theatre Center, Moonshine: That Hee Haw Musical.

Moonshine That Hee Haw Musical, Promo Images of Cast

Life on Stage

Last Updated October 31st 2015 at 10:32pm

I was commissioned by O+M Co.,NYC and Dallas Theater Center to photograph the promo images for the world premiere of Moonshine That Hee Haw Musical here in Dallas, TX. The play is a take on Hee Haw which was an American television show that first aired in 1969.

Moonshine Characters

The cast included American Idol alumni, Justin Guarini, who plays Gordy, Ken Clark as Bucky Jr., Rose Hemingway as Misty Mae and the fabulous Ryah Nixon as Lulu.

Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope the musical makes it to Broadway.

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Beyond White: B&W Film Portraits feat. Benjamin and Jensen

Beyond White Series

These B&W film portraits feature Wallflower Management models Benjamin and Jensen. The idea being a simple, minimal portrait focusing on the models features, no fancy set or elaborate hair and make-up.

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A Guy That’s Good with His Hands

Metal and Wood

I stopped at my buddy Tyler’s (Wayne Worksstudio for a portrait session that is being published in ON Magazine. We captured plenty of great portraits but a curated list is below.

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Action Images for MOVE! Series

Body. Movement. Art.

A curated glimpse into our new series, M O V E !, featuring our David and Keenan.

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