Model Portraits of Lexi | Wallflower Management

Fashion Portraits of Lexi 


Lexi, Wallflower Management, stopped by the studio for updated model portraits. 


Model: Lexi

Stylist: Geovanny Martinez

HMU: Leslie Belcher

Light Tech: Craig Thomas

Series shot with the Nikon D750 and was lit with Profoto lighting by Los Angeles fashion photographer, Sergio Garcia Photography.

Model Portraits of Vanessa | Wallflower Management

Vanessa @ Wallflower Management 

Wallflower Management new face, Vanessa, in my studio for updated portraits.


Model: Vanessa

Stylist: Geovanny Martinez

HMU: Leslie Belcher

Light Tech: Craig Thomas

Series shot with the Nikon D750 and was lit with Profoto lighting by Los Angeles fashion photographer, Sergio Garcia Photography.

Secret Garden for OK OKAY Magazine

Taylor Greene Stars in Secret Garden for OK OKAY Magazine

Texas native, Taylor Greene, stars in our most recent fashion editorial shot on location at the dream like  Savannah’s Meadows. Greene is showcased in a mysterious nymph like manner wearing brands like Gianni Bini, Chelsea & Violet and Anna Sui.

Published in OK OKAY Magazine.


Model: Taylor Greene

Stylist: Richard Guillen

HMU: Leslie Belcher

Light Tech: Craig Thomas

Photo Assistants: Martin Tran and Eric Jumper

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Character Study of Lindsay Higgins

Interesting in modeling in Los Angeles? Sergio Garcia Photography is a fashion and model photographer based in downtown Los Angeles

Kim Dawson model, Lindsey Higgins, sat in front of Sergio’s camera and they were able to capture these editorial style beauty portraits. 


Model: Lindsay Higgins @ Kim Dawson

HMU: Walter Fuentes @ The Campbell Agency

Nina Kong for OK OKAY Magazine


Kim Dawson model, Nina Kong, is featured in this colorful fashion editorial being featured in OK OKAY Magazine.

Team Credits

Model: Nina Kong @ Kim Dawson

Stylist: Tor Matthey @ IA

HMU: Lana Adams @ Kim Dawson

Light Tech: Craig Thomas

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Meet Dean | The New It Girl

Meet Dean | The New It Girl

With such striking almond shaped eyes and a slight androgynous look I couldn’t help but to get Dean to come by my studio. Hair and make-up stayed minimal with a mixture of print and textured pieces on the fashion.

 Dean is currently placed with Wallflower Management in Dallas TX.

Model: Dean

Stylist: Tammy Theis

HMU: Jenn Karsner

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