What Is Fashion Portrait Photography?

Essentially a fashion portrait is a portrait of you (or your team) that has been shot in a fashion manner. . The “fashion” part is due to them not being traditional business portraits like what you may be used to. Instead, they are a hybrid of a fashion photo and a portrait.

Capturing a portrait with a fashion look to it is not difficult. A creative portrait photographer can make your portrait more unique by playing with your pose, the angle it is shot at, the lighting, or your expression.

Who Needs Artistic Portrait Photography?

People who want their business portrait to be more artistic and fun are the ideal clients for fashion portraits. Remember, fashion portraits are not boring or traditional. So in order to capture artistic portrait photography it will take the individual being loose and having fun during their portrait session.

In short, you will have to let go of what you think a portrait should look like and let the professional portrait photographer guide you.

These types of portraits still serve the main goal of being used on a website, business card or marketing material. However since they are more creative, they make for a fun way to showcase your personality to customers.


What Makes The Best Fashion Portraits?

The best fashion portraits are the ones where the client has interesting ideas that the photographer can then build on. Or where the client gives the photographer creative freedom to capture what they think may be best depending on the clients personality and business.

When you hire Sergio Garcia Photography for your fashion portraits he will ask specific questions to help you determine the best route to take when planning your artistic photoshoot. Our portrait photography studio enjoys providing clients with creative fashion portrait photography that stand out amongst the sea of bland portrait photography.

Fashion Portrait Lighting For Killer Photos

An experienced fashion portrait photographer will provide you with plenty of killer lighting options during your photoshoot. Here are 3 tips to think about and share with your portrait photographer just incase you want to be sure they give you options.

  1. Backlighting – Backlighting in a portrait works great to help enhance cheekbones and it adds a mysterious attitude to the photos. This type of fashion portrait lighting tends to work best with those who have strong facial structures or men.
  2. Direct Beauty Dish Lighting – A uncovered beauty dish will add direct and hard lighting to the portrait. This can make a great creative portrait if the angle of the lighting, and subject, is in the correct position. If not, it can create unwanted shadows under the eyes, nose and chin.
  3. Colored Gels – Adding a colored gel to the lighting is a good way to make a fashion portrait more interesting and creative. For instance if you’re going for a more serious look, a red or orange gel will enhance that look. If you want your creative portrait to be more inviting, you can try a blue colored gel.


Creative Fashion Portrait Photography Near Me

You now know what a fashion portrait is and whether you may need one. We want to point out that you do not need to be a model or celebrity in order to capture fashion portraits. These types of photos can benefit all types of businesses. Whether law firms, creative studios, small business owners or musicians.

Sergio Garcia and his team can provide quality fashion portrait photography for those looking to step outside the normal. Since we are a full service fashion portrait studio we offer creative portraits in-studio or on-location.

Additionally we also have access to some of the greatest hair stylist, make up artist and wardrobe stylist. When you book with Sergio and his team we provide an easy atmosphere that will make even the most camera shy clients love their creative fashion portrait session.


Contact A Fashion Portrait Photographer Near Me

As Hollywood portrait photographers, we appreciate collaborating with clients who need fashion portraits. Whether in a photo studio or on location, Sergio Garcia and his team will work with you to lay out the best plan for a successful fashion portrait session.

We offer fashion portrait photoshoots throughout the United States including:

  • Los Angeles – Fashion portrait photography in Los Angeles is perfect for models, entertainers, celebrities and business professionals. When you hire an LA photographer to elevate your brand and business with a fashion portrait, you will command greater attention. 
  • San Francisco – A fashion photography portrait is a great way to elevate your brand or company image. 
  • Seattle
  • Portland
  • Honolulu – Our portrait studio in Honolulu is ideal for both business professionals and creatives wanting fashion portraits that have a modern and editorial approach. 
  • Las Vegas
  • Chicago – The best fashion portrait photographers in Chicago are the ones who can direct their clients in a manner that makes them feel at ease. This allows for the fashion portrait photographer to capture authentic portraits of their clients.
  • Dallas – As a premier fashion portrait studio in Dallas, we offer modern and contemporary fashion portraits to those looking to stand out.
  • Atlanta
  • Miami
  • Washington DC – We provide editorial studio fashion portrait for both men and women in Washington D.C. who want to stray from the traditional portrait photos.
  • Nashville – When working with musicians or celebrities in Nashville, a fashion editorial portrait is often times required for marketing, press releases or album covers
  • NYC – As a trusted fashion and portrait photographer in New York City we have collaborated with entertainment companies, models and business professionals.
  • Brooklyn
  • Philadelphia

Do you have questions about commercial portrait photography? Are you looking to set up your fashion portrait session? Email us using the contact form below.

Include as specific project details as you, including location, concept, budget, etc so that we can better help you. 


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