Creative Environmental Portrait for Business Professionals

Environmental portrait photography is great for business and corporate professionals in Los Angeles who need professional business pictures that are engaging, fun and show them in their natural environment.

Additionally, Sergio Garcia Photography provides environmental portrait photography for:

  • Editorial clients and magazines who are featuring a client in an up-coming article or press and need a la portrait photographer who is efficient, creative and works well with subjects.
  • Self-employed  business professionals and large companies who want more than regular business headshots on an uninspiring white wall. Sergio’s la portrait photography breaks the mold and defines who you are. 

Sergio Garcia has photographed environmental portraits for politicians, T.V. personalities, celebrities, authors, designers, and highly recognized artists. Therefore when you’re searching for business portrait photographers near me, consider SGP a top contender. 


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What Is Environmental Portrait Photography?

Environmental portrait photography are portraits taken of an individual (or individuals) in their natural place of work. For example, if you are a mechanic and need an environmental portrait, then it would be photographed in your mechanic shop. An effective environmental portrait can be staged or where you’re engaging with your environment.

Staged environmental portrait: Here you are typically looking at the camera and posing. The photographer will provide guidance on where to look and how to pose.

Engaging environmental portrait: In this example, you are going to be photographed while engaging or interacting with your surrounding environment. Using the example of the mechanic above, you would be photographed while working on an automobile or arranging your equipment. 


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Corporate Headshot Photography Los Angeles

Corporate Headshots Los Angeles

As a refined Los Angeles corporate photographer, Sergio and his team are commissioned by both small and large businesses who need high-end professional headshots Los Angeles that are elevated and engaging.

With his background as a fashion photographer, Sergio has an eye that is trusted by businesses who wan’t there corporate headshots to stand out from the countless bland business photos in Los Angeles.

Professional Portrait Los Angeles

If you are serious about your marketing and need sophisticated professional headshots Los Angeles CA, contact S.G.P.

His services for corporate headshots have been commissioned by both Fortune 500 companies and local mom and pop shops who are searching for professional portrait photographer near me.


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Professional Business Pictures in Los Angeles

Creative Business Portrait Photographer

Smart businesses in Los Angeles now realize they need to enhance the quality of their business pictures for marketing and promotion. You can no longer rely on your one and only headshot to stay ahead of your competition.

Savvy business and corporate professionals are now expected to have an online presence throughout multiple social media platforms and have business pictures that show potential customers who they are and what their business is all about. 

Professional Business Photographer for The Savvy

Searching for a professional business headshot photographer in Southern California? Sergio Garcia Photography provides the following:

Male Professional Headshots: From traditional suit and tie or modern professional headshots, we can capture an array of business pictures for those wanting a polished look to market themselves or their business in LA. Likewise, our environmental portrait photography services are great for any business that require engaging photos that tell a story about themselves.

Female Business Headshots: Whether you’re a fitness coach, author, chef or anything else, our modern headshots are a great way to capture your personality for your social media photos or website. These types of environmental portrait photography are a great way for your customers to get to know you on a more personal level. Business is all about making a connection.

Available for Environmental Portrait Photography In The Following

Sergio and his team provide high-end business pictures to client in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Palm Springs. Likewise, we are able to travel if needed.


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What Does Your Professional Business Photo Say About You?

You have one chance to make an impression. Make sure your environmental portrait photography is top-notch!

We are happy to accommodate any requests for environmental portrait photography and corporate photos in Los Angeles, after all it is your brand and business! However, we love working with clients who love to push the creative boundaries on their professional business photos.

As one of the premier photographers for business headshots and environmental portrait photography in Los Angeles, Sergio can masterfully capture your corporate headshots in either a studio or on-location. Additionally, Sergio has a team of celebrity wardrobe stylist and hair and make-up artists that are available to further enhance your photoshoot.


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Business Photoshoot in Los Angeles

Ready to book your executive headshots or environmental portrait photography in Los Angeles?

Sergio Garcia Photography is ready to work with clients who don’t settle for the normal. Individuals who understand the importance of both environmental portrait photography and business pictures and need to further elevate their marketing presence to include high-end photos are a perfect match!

Use the contact form below to get in touch.

Make sure to include your project details, location and any other useful information to make your shoot a success.



Looking for something else? Take a moment to peruse Sergio’s in-depth articles.