Fashion Portrait: Professional Portraits in Los Angeles for Business

Whether you need a fashion portrait that is more stylized and shot in a professional studio or searching for a Los Angeles portrait photographer for team and individual business headshots, you’re in the right place.


What Is a Fashion Portrait Photography?

A fashion portrait is a portrait of you (or your team) that has been photographed in a fashion-forward manner.

Effective fashion portraits have interesting lighting (think more moody and editorial), interesting poses and engaging expressions. 

When all this is combined together you are able to capture creative business portraits that are unique and specifically branded for your business.

Fashion portrait photography is a great way for corporate and business professionals in Los Angeles to break away from the mundane business headshots that don’t capture their personality.


Who Needs Artistic Portrait Photography for Business?

Are you a business owner in Los Angeles?

Then our fashion portrait sessions can benefit you!

Creative company headshots or a business portrait can be fun, cheeky and engaging.

The idea of traditional corporate headshot photography in Los Angeles is fleeing.

You want to work with a modern Los Angeles fashion photographer who has the creative eye and lighting abilities to capture professional fashion photography headshots for business or other creative needs.

Sergio Garcia and his team are one of the top photographers for a professional portrait in Los Angeles.


Examples of Creative Corporate Headshots in Los Angeles

The corporate headshots you see below were photographed throughout Los Angeles.

From Manhattan Beach, Hollywood, Malibu, Pasadena and Downtown LA.

Our mobile corporate headshot studio can come to you.


Professional Portrait in Los Angeles for Branding

Branding and marketing portraits should be unique to you and capture the personality if your brand.

Businesses that are seeking fashion portraits are doing so because they don’t want boring portraits of themselves.

This is not how you want to showcase your online brand.

Instead, they are looking for a portrait studio in Los Angeles that captures creative headshots of themselves.

The “creative” part can be accomplished in numerous ways including:

  • Wardrobe styling
  • Interesting location
  • Creative angles
  • Editorial style lighting


Los Angeles Portrait Photographer: Creative Business Portraits

Working with a creative portrait photographer in LA like Sergio is key to capturing the best creative corporate and business headshots.

You can’t capture creative real estate headshots by hiring a photographer that doesn’t have creative headshots in their portfolio.

Normal photographers won’t know how to capture these professional headshots in Los Angeles.

A fashion portrait takes more than having you stand in front of a white background and having you say “cheese”.


Male Professional Headshots in Los Angeles

From traditional suit and tie or modern professional headshots, we can capture an array of business pictures for men wanting a polished look to market themselves or their business in LA.

Likewise, our corporate portrait photography is great for men that require engaging photos that tell a story about themselves.

Female Business Headshots in Los Angeles

Whether you’re a fitness coach, author, chef or anything else, our modern business headshots for women are a great way to capture your personality for your social media photos or website.

These types of business pictures are a great way for your customers to get to know you on a more personal level.

Business is all about making a connection.


LA Portrait Photography for Business: Email Us

Shooting creative fashion portrait photography is about a mood and persona that can only be captured by a creative Los Angeles portrait photographer, like S.G.P.

Creative corporate headshots by SGP will be top quality business portraits that you can use on your website, business marketing material and as personal branding and social media photography.

When looking for professional corporate headshots in Los Angeles with a fashion twist, email us below.


Examples of Fashion Portrait Photography in Los Angeles

The examples below are perfect for business professionals like lawyers and authors or comedians needing PR images.

Do you see yourself using this type of LA portrait photography for your business and personal marketing?


What Makes The Best Fashion Portraits?

On top of the wardrobe, lighting and angles, what is leads us to capture some of the best corporate headshots in Los Angeles?

The best fashion portraits are a collaboration between both the client and photographer.

This means that the client listens to the photographers guidance on posing and the client is detailed on what message, mood or story they want their professional portrait photography to convey.

For example, if you want your fashion portrait to be more luxe and high-end that type of posing and lighting will be different than a client who wants a fashion lifestyle portrait that says relaxed and approachable.

One of the best ways to inform your corporate photographer in Los Angeles on what you are wanting, is to put together a “mood board”.

This simply means collecting a group of images, somewhere around 4-10 that you found on their website or elsewhere online.

It can be the location, lighting, or pose that you like.

Sending this to your LA portrait photographer will help them visually see what you are thinking for your portrait session.


Planning Your Professional Headshots in Los Angeles

When you hire Sergio Garcia Photography for your fashion portraits he will ask specific questions to help you determine the best route to take when planning your artistic photoshoot.

It’s crucial we understand what your business is about, who you are as an individual and the type of clients you want to attract. 

Our portrait photography studio enjoys providing creative agency headshots for clients who need to stand out from a sea of look-alike portrait photography.

When you’re looking for a premier Los Angeles corporate photographer, contact Sergio Garcia.


Tips for Great Corporate Headshots in Los Angeles

One of the big main goals when you get corporate headshot photography is to have options!

Meaning you don’t just want one pose or one type of lighting style.

Below are 3 tips you should discuss with your Los Angeles corporate photographer.

  1. Backlighting – Backlighting in a fashion portrait works great as it can read soft, airy and a hint of mystery. Perfect for yoga instructors, authors, or lifestyle brands. Likewise it makes the skin very soft and even, reducing lines and wrinkles (similar to the photo of the women in the denim jacket)  This type of fashion portrait lighting tends to work best with those who have are worried about their skin or want to appear younger overall. It even makes a great creative director headshot.
  2. Direct Beauty Dish Lighting – An uncovered beauty dish will add direct and hard lighting to the portrait. This can make a great creative portrait because the colors will be more bold and read louder. It also portrays a sense or power in the fashion portrait. For example, this tend to be popular in corporate team photography because everyone in the team photo will look equally important.
  3. Colored Gels – Adding a colored gel to the lighting is a good way to make a fashion portrait more interesting and creative. For instance, if you’re going for a fashion portrait that is more serious, the Los Angeles corporate photographer can add a red or orange gel. If you want a more cinematic or trustworthy appearance, ask for a blue gel. Business headshots for creative professionals can truly be as unique as you’d like them to be!


Fashion Portrait Lighting For Killer Corporate Headshots

As an experienced fashion portrait photographer in Los Angeles, S.G.P. will provide you with plenty of killer lighting options during your professional corporate photo shoot.

For example, soft even lighting that makes you appear instantly younger (perfect for women).

And harsher light with more contrast that screams power and authority for lawyers or business professionals.

Our corporate headshots in Los Angeles are far from boring.


Examples of Corporate Business Photography in LA

Take a moment to view more examples of corporate headshots in Los Angeles we have photographed.

As a creative Los Angeles portrait photographers, the images below feature T.V. personalities, producers, real estate agents and business owners.


Los Angeles Fashion Portrait Photography Near Me

You’re now familiar with:

  • What a fashion portrait is
  • How to talk to your Los Angeles corporate photographer about your ideas
  • Planning your fashion portrait session

You do not need to be a model or celebrity in order to capture fashion portraits.

These types of photos can benefit all types of businesses.

Whether law firms, creative studios, small business owners or musicians.

Our team are the premier corporate headshot photographers in Los Angeles for clients needing upscale fashion portrait photography.


Full-Service Professional Business Pictures

Being a full service fashion portrait studio Los Angeles, we photograph corporate headshots both in:

  • A professional photography studio or
  • On-location at your business or outdoors

Need a full team?

We have access to some of the greatest hair stylist, make up artist and wardrobe stylist that will make your corporate headshots in Los Angeles more fashion-forward.


A Relaxed Setting for Business Portraits in Los Angeles

We make creative portraits fun and exciting while maintaining a level of professionalism you will enjoy.

When you book your portrait photography in Los Angeles with Sergio and his team we provide an easy atmosphere that will make even the most camera shy clients love their fashion portrait session.


L.A. Corporate Photography

To re-cap, Sergio’s corporate photography studio is for clients needing high end corporate headshots.

Not the same old cheesy business portraits.

As a Hollywood celebrity photographer, Sergio and his team appreciate working with clients who need a fashion portrait that is unique.

Whether in a photo studio or on location, Sergio Garcia and his team are one of the best corporate and professional headshot photographers for men and women to work with in Los Angeles.


Los Angeles Corporate Photographer

Below are the various cities and neighborhoods we photograph fashion portraits for business and corporate clients.

Corporate Headshots in Los Angeles

Our corporate and business headshots in Los Angeles are perfect for:

  • Business professionals
  • CEO’s 
  • Entertainers
  • Celebrities
  • Authors
  • Coaches
  • Speakers
  • Trainers
  • Chefs

When you hire an LA photographer to elevate your brand and business with a fashion portrait, you will command greater attention.

Hollywood Headshots for Business

Our Hollywood studio is ideal for both business professionals and creatives wanting fashion portraits that have a modern and editorial approach.

We can shoot your business and corporate headshots around the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Capital Record Building or in a portrait studio.


Corporate Headshots in Santa Monica

The best fashion portrait photographer in Santa Monica is the ones who can direct their clients in a manner that makes them feel at ease.

This allows for the fashion portrait photographer to capture authentic portraits of their clients.

We love to take corporate headshots around The Promenade, Pacific Palisades Park or your creative place of business.

Corporate Headshots in Orange County

As a premier business headshots Orange County photography studio, we offer modern and contemporary fashion portraits to those looking to stand out.

Whether you live in Dana Point or Laguna Beach, we can help with alluring corporate headshots with a fashion edge.

Business Headshots in Silicon Valley 

When working with tech companies and start ups in Silicon Valley, a fashion editorial portrait is often times required for eye catching marketing.

Especially for corporate clients dealing with a younger crowd or audience.


Need Professional Corporate Portraits in Los Angeles?

Do you have questions about your professional portraits in Los Angeles?

Are you looking to set up your fashion portrait session?

To better help us serve you, we ask that you please include specific project details when emailing us.

These details can include, but not limited to:

  • Company or Business Name
  • Your Location
  • Where You Want Your Fashion Portrait Taken
  • Your Concept For The Shoot
  • Budget You Have
  • Time And Date For Shoot

When searching for corporate headshots in Los Angeles that are more fashion and upscale, email us.



Looking for something else? Take a moment to peruse Sergio’s in-depth articles.