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Being a lifestyle photographer involves many challenges including being able to direct the talent, controlling the lighting and capturing the mood and product for the client.

Sergio Garcia is a lifestyle photographer with a creative editorial eye who’s also available for travel. If you’re searching for lifestyle photography near me, below we break down everything about a lifestyle photoshoot.


What Is Lifestyle Photography?

A professional lifestyle photographers knows that the goal of lifestyle photography is to capture the talents interacting and engaging in their environment.

This is typically in an artistic and believable manner.

Therefore, the best lifestyle photographers are those who are able to create a story and/or inspire the viewer to want to achieve and live that same lifestyle.

One will realize that candid lifestyle photography may not be all that “candid”. For example, a fashion lifestyle photographer understands that posing, direction and lighting all play an essential role in lifestyle photography. Depending on the desired lifestyle photos, the lifestyle photographer will give a number of cues to the talents and then let it play out. During this time, the photographer will capture the “real” lifestyle moments as they unfold.

Focus On Advertising Selling A Lifestyle

To illustrate this point further, suppose the lifestyle photographer is hired by a handbag designer. The client wants to capture lifestyle photos of the models interacting with their new handbag and showing how it would benefit their day-to-day life. This is sometimes also referred to as luxury lifestyle photography.

At this point, the lifestyle advertising photographer would prompt the talent to walk a few feet down the street while opening up the handbag and reaching inside to grab and item; all while sporting a genuine smile. As these events unfold, the lifestyle photographer will capture numerous photos for the client.

This is what lifestyle fashion photography is all about and it is important to remember that the photographer give direction for the action that is desired, not the pose.


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Lifestyle Photography Near Me

When searching for a lifestyle photographer, consider Sergio Garcia Photography.

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The Beauty Of Lifestyle Pictures

During a lifestyle photoshoot, the photographer will be responsible for capturing a candid moment and making sure that the product or service being sold comes across in a non salesy way.

Although lifestyle photos do capture a candid moment in time, a level of pre-planning is still to be involved. While planning a lifestyle photoshoot the photographer must take into account things such as location and time of day.

  • Location – Depending where the lifestyle photos are being shot, this will alter the type of lighting the photographer will use. For example, if shot inside a lab or medical building, the lighting is not pleasant “as is” for quality lifestyle photos. An experienced health and pharmaceutical lifestyle photographer will know that they need to recreate lighting that portrays the clinic in a good manner. This type of lighting is typically more soft and even as it makes the space appear more inviting and open. 
  • Time Of Day – At times, lifestyle portrait photography may be required to be shot outside on location. Depending on the specific time, the lifestyle photographer will have to know how to deal with blue hour, mid day light or golden hour light. This all varies on the client and overall look that is needed. However a professional lifestyle photographer has to be familiar with lighting and how to mix and match both ambient and artificial lighting. This will result in lifestyle portraits that show a level of professionalism and quality to them.

Navigating Through A Lifestyle Shoot

So what are lifestyle photos? As we’ve learned, it is an image, or a set of images, that show a story unfolding. The goal of lifestyle photography is to give the audience a sense of what is going on.

Important things to consider when shooting commercial lifestyle photography.

  • Explore The Bigger Picture – As a lifestyle photographer, you can to provide a variety of lifestyle photos for the client. Even if they may think they don’t need them. So don’t just shoot portrait photos. Explore the environment and shoot larger scale photos where the talent is now a part of the greater setting. These types of lifestyle pictures are always great for social media or email blasts should the client decide to use them.
  • Go High, Go Low – The best lifestyle photography shows interesting and fun perspectives. So don’t be afraid to go above the subject by climbing on a ladder or laying flat on your tummy and shooting up. A lifestyle photographer should always aim to capture lifestyle photos that show a way of life in an interesting way.
  • Don’t Put Down The Camera – You can’t plan for everything (sorry)! Some of the best lifestyle photos are caught before or after you think you’ll catch the shot. So never put down your camera or take your attention off what is going on. The perfect moment may happen if so. 
  • Be Engaging With The Subject – No one wants to work with a lifestyle photographer that is rugged and offers no sense of warmth and communication. For example, in celebrity lifestyle photography you always want to be engaging with the celebrity and guiding them through what you want. At the very minimum you should keep an open dialogue throughout the lifestyle photoshoot where you’re just interacting and being a good human.
  • Don’t Make It 100% Perfect – Sure, you want to dress the set in a way that enhances the lifestyle photos. But everything doesn’t have to be perfectly put together or laid out. It’s ok to have something out of place or a little off center. Remember that lifestyle photography is all about finding the right balance between staged and candid.

These lifestyle photography tips are great reminders for any photographer. Not only will they provide a better opportunity to capture great lifestyle photos but will result in a happy client.

As previously mentioned, never try to over pose the talent. This will result in lifestyle photos that stray from the norm. It’s about being authentic in a mindful way.

Lifestyle photography requires patience and execution. 


Lifestyle Photographer Near Me

Sergio Garcia offers lifestyle photography in the following cities:

However, Sergio and his team frequently travel throughout and are available wherever lifestyle photography jobs may take them. 

Contact A Lifestyle Photographer Near Me

We hope you enjoyed taking a moment to view our examples of lifestyle photography that Sergio Garcia has had the pleasure of shooting. 

As a lifestyle photographer, Sergio Garcia Photography prides himself on being able to offer distinct direction that allows him to capture lifestyle photos that make one stop and wonder. With over 14 years of experience, SGP and his team provide a comfortable and laid-back atmosphere on our lifestyle photoshoots. 

At the end of the day, humans enjoy working with good humans and this is something we believe sets us apart. We believe that lifestyle photo session should be fun, inviting and get the job done by capturing thoughtful lifestyle product photography.

When searching to top brand lifestyle photography, keep Sergio Garcia in mind. Whether apparel, accessories or services, reach out to our studio about your upcoming lifestyle photography project or any further questions.



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