Album Cover Photographers Near Me

Searching for album cover photographers in LA, NYC or Nashville?

Being one of the leading album cover photographers for bands and solo musicians, Sergio Garcia Photography enjoys collaborating with artist on their upcoming album cover photoshoot.

We understand that each band has their own ideas for album cover pictures.

Therefore, when we get hired to photograph music singles we make sure to listen to what the artist or their manager has in mind as our aim is to capture music artist photography that reflects the current stage of the artist. 

Portrait Album Covers

As quality album cover photographers, we work with musicians and artists in the following cities:

Music & Band Photographers Los Angeles

As the mecca for entertainment, a Los Angeles band photographer is essential for any musician that wants to be taken seriously.

Being a creative photographer for music artist, Sergio Garcia has been hired to photograph individuals, groups and bands throughout California who require a Los Angeles music photographer that can bring their creative vision to life. 

Nashville Music Photographer

Music artists in Tennessee need a Nashville band photographer who is able to guide them throughout the band photoshoot with ease.

If you are needing a Nashville band photographer that provides high-end portrait album covers, contact Sergio Garcia.

NYC Music Photographer

Whether in Manhattan or Brooklyn, Sergio Garcia is available to shoot musicians and bands in NYC that need a modern music photographer.

Our musician headshots NYC can be done in a professional photography studio or on-location – whatever best fits the artists or managers vision.

Chicago Music Photographer 

Chicago has a lively music scene and one of the key marketing pieces for any musician is great music photos.

Sergio provides quality musician portrait and album cover photoshoots for musicians throughout Chicago.

Dallas Band Photography

Sergio is a Dallas band photographer who utilizes editorial locations like Deep Ellum to capture interesting music artist photography.

His creative band photos have an editorial point of view that give the band photos a magazine like quality.

Music Photography & Creative CD Photographer

Our studio provides the following album cover services for:

Music Band Photography: When looking for cool band photos in abandoned buildings, outdoors in nature, or an old school diner, we have you covered. Sergio Garcia enjoys using his creative approach to capturing your next unique single or album cover. While you search for album cover photographers, make sure that their portfolio includes photos you connect with.

Band Studio Photography: Maybe you are in need of a clean start in your music career. A minimal, but powerful, band photo in a studio will definitely do the trick. Whether in color or black and white, band studio photography has a timeless and iconic feel that will leave an impression. As you search for album over photographers you want to make sure that they have the technical ability to shoot both album covers in a studio and on location. 

CD Cover Photoshoot | LA, NYC & Nashville

An album cover is a pivotal moment for any musician. This is when you present to the world who you are and/or where you plan to be heading. A band photoshoot is an important step that should not be taken lightly.

Coordinating With Your Album Cover Photographer

Remember that there is no right or wrong when it comes to photoshoot ideas for musicians. As one of the best band photographers, we will work with your idea and try to capture it as accurately as possible.

Note: Album cover photographers should work with you to enhance your album or singles vision. Make sure that when you hire a music photographer Los Angeles that their quality of work is similar to what you are wanting to capture.

Conceptualizing Your Music Artist Photography

Typically when working with a new (or experienced) musician, they or their manager will already have music artist photoshoot ideas in mind and hire Sergio Garcia Photography to execute it.

If you come to us with no idea, we are more than happy to work with you on conceptualizing creative band photos based on the story of your single, album, or personal life as a musician. 


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Los Angeles Music Photographer Near Me

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Musician Photoshoot That Rocks!

As you plan your band photo ideas or press shots, it is important to keep the following questions top of mind when working with band photographers.

  1. Who Am I As An Artist? A Rock band creative portrait shoot should instantly tell your fans who you are and what your music is about. For example, think about the clothing you wear. This will relay to someone whether you’re sweet and mellow or a badass rock diva. As full-service album cover photographers, Sergio has a team available who can further help craft your look. Resulting in capturing a more unique look for top musician portrait photography.
  2. What Do I Want This Photo To Say About Me/My Music? Similarly, how a rock band photographer lights your band photoshoot or has you interact with the camera will further add emotion and depth to your band photos. You casually sitting on a window sill peering out will say one thing. Whereas if you’re caught in motion yelling at the camera will say something else. Keep this in mind when planning your album or single cover and make sure to relay to the singer photographer. Great album cover photographers know how to direct you and capture various looks; you want to have as many options as possible. 
  3. Why Are These Specific Band Promo Shots Important To Capture? Why do you need both musician photography headshots and editorial band photos? One answer may be that you need various assets for different types of press. A creative headshot for a musician may serve good as a cover on SoundCloud and an editorial band photo may serve better for the upcoming interview on Rolling Stone. Make sure to sit down with the photographer or your music manager to discuss where you see yourself using this band photography. This will help you create a better plan for the type of specific music photos you need to capture during your band photos session.

Answering these questions will ensure your music artist photoshoot runs smoothly.

Commercial Music And Entertainment Portrait Photographer

Sergio Garcia has his team of professional wardrobe stylist and hair and make up artist ready to make your commercial music photoshoot a success.

Our wardrobe stylist are able to take your vision of what you want to be wearing during your album cover shoot and bring them to life. And then some!

Likewise, hair and make up also play a critical role when shooting your music portrait or band photography.

Our talented hair and make up artist will consult you on your vision and navigate through any hidden doors you may not be aware of.

Their creative eye will be appreciated when they are able to elevate your ideas.


Contact Band Photographers Near Me

As band photographers in Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago and Nashville, we help up and coming and experienced solo artists or band capture exactly what they need for the album covers.

We are able to go further and help these artists capture all assets needed for their websites, social media accounts, etc

But as full-service band photographers, SGP and his team do not stop there.

We are able to connect you with wardrobe stylist, make up artist, hair stylist, prop builders and music videographers.

Additionally, we love collaborating with artists on their band photoshoot ideas and taking it a step further. This is what makes our photoshoot for music artists top-notch.

Music Photographers Near Me | Los Angeles, NYC & Nashville

Ready to talk more about your singer photoshoot, band photoshoot or album cover photos in Los Angeles? Interested to learn about Sergio Garcia’s band photography rates for NYC, Dallas and Nashville?

Contact us directly by using the contact form below. Make sure to include your/your bands name, website, proposed photoshoot location, budget and photoshoot idea.

This will help us get the ball rolling prior to the photoshoot for music artists.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Looking for something else? Take a moment to peruse Sergio’s in-depth articles.