Tasteful Nude Male

When photographing male nude photography it is important not to come off deliberately raunchy or of bad-taste. That is why we strive to capture some of the best male nudes that are timeless, artistic and of professional quality.

In short, we strive to capture artistic male nudes as we believe there is more to a beautiful photo than the latest fashion or accessories.

SGP is one of the premier nude male photographers in Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago and Dallas.

Nude Model Portfolio: Los Angeles

One thing that never goes out of style is the human figure.

When we shoot tasteful male nudes, we go into it with a fine art mindset. How can we get artistic poses from the male model in a way that shows sensuality and masculinity. With naked male portraits we like to experiment with the colors. 

Nude male photography can be shot and color graded in various ways. For instance, at times we opt for the classic black and white while others we may go sepia or full color.

The beauty of male nude photography is that there is no right or wrong per se, as it depends on the model and the photographer.

Take a look below at some of our artistic photos of naked men.


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Nude Photoshoot: Capture Timeless Male Nudes

Best Male Nude Photographers: LA, NYC, Dallas, Miami & Chicago

Nude Male Photoshoot Photographer

We can take an average male nude and transform them into timeless images for your girlfriend, boyfriend or just to look back at 30 years from now. After all, right now is the youngest you’ll ever look.

Although you don’t have to be in your prime (so to speak) to take professional nude photos, it could be a great idea to get male boudoir photos so that you have something to look back on.

Naked Photoshoot – Tasteful & Artistic

An adult male nude photoshoot should be relaxed, easy and the male model should be comfortable. With over a decade as a professional photographer, we provide guidance in posing for nude photos, expert lighting and a professional environment. 

Naked Bodybuilder Men

So when you need a male nude photoshoot, we come with years of experience to make it the best it can be. Whether you’re a body builder, dancer, model, or regular normal guy who wants to capture nude photos, we have you covered.

If you have questions or would like to book a session for your nude model portfolio, email us below. Likewise if you are looking to break into the modeling industry, we have two in-depth articles you can read.


Nude Photographer Portfolio: Los Angeles, NYC, Dallas, Chicago & Miami

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Professional Nude Male Photos 

When shooting male nudes, the model and photographer can get creative with how they capture tasteful photos. By this we mean that they don’t always just have to be shot against a white wall. The nude male models could be interacting in a specific environment.

For example if you decide to shoot your male nude images in a hotel room, that can serve as an amazing backdrop for nude photos. Interacting in the bedroom, shower or even the balcony will result in nude male photos that provide more of a context and story. This always makes for more interesting nude male images.

Professional Nude Photography Near Me

When planning your erotic adult photography, make sure you mention what it is you are, and are not, comfortable with. This is important to establish with the nude photographer ahead of time so that there are no odd encounters.

For example a male nude model may not be comfortable with their face showing or certain body parts. A professional male nude photographer will appreciate the communication and respect it.

Remember that a nude male photoshoot can be as mysterious and creative as you’d like.


Tasteful Nude Photography

Creative Male Nudes 

One of our favorite methods to capturing male nudes is using the environment in a certain location. This provides a beautiful contrast against the body of the nude male model.

Whether we shoot the male nudes in a forrest, on the beach, or in the mountains, we aim to photograph artistic male nudes that lean towards art, more than sex. Nude men photography should have a high-end finish; something our naked fashion photography does.

Only Fans Photographer for Men

Our male nude photo sessions can be applied to both artistic personal use or for business use like Only Fans. When you book us to shoot your OnlyFans profile picture we will bring the same level or professionalism and creative ideas to your male nude session.

The business of Male OnlyFans is increasing for both straight and gay men. Make sure your erotic male photography on Only Fans is top photo quality as this can generate more revenue for you.

Whether you’re an OnlyFans in Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, or Dallas, contact us below to set up your male natural nude photography photo shoot.


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Male Boudoir: LA, NYC, Chicago, Dallas, & Miami

Are you interested in becoming a male nude model? Or Googling Male Boudoir Near Me? Male nude photo shoot services we offer are listed below.

If you have something else in mind for your nude portrait photography session, don’t hesitate to ask.

Male Fitness Model Photoshoot: Nude Photos Near Me

How do you become a male fitness model? As one of the best male nude photographers, our studio has the experience to photograph the best photos you need in a male fitness model portfolio. From full body to close ups, SG is a professional male fitness photographer. If you’re looking to become a male fitness model in Los Angeles, NYC, Dallas, Chicago or Miami, contact us to explore your options for a naked male photoshoot.

Nude Male Athlete Photoshoot: Mastering A Nude Studio Photoshoot

If you have a fit male body and are a professional fitness expert, then more than likely you need fit male body photos. These male fitness photos can be used on your website, instagram, or any other marketing materials.

Being one of the top male fitness photographers, SGP is able to shoot male body photos for fitness professionals and body builders who need powerful male figure photography to show off their hard earned physique.

Male Boudoir Photography: Great Mens Boudoir Photo Ideas

Need masculine, yet sexy, male boudoir photo ideas? We offer quality male boudoir photos to men who are comfortable in their skin and looking to capture tasteful boudoir photography that resemble art and last a lifetime.

Boudoir photography for men can be in color, black and white or anywhere in between. Tasteful men boudoir can be shirtless, without pants and no briefs. The 

Reach out to our studio if you want to bring your male boudoir ideas to life.

Sexy Photoshoot for Him: Creative Male Nudes

You’re searching for a sexy nude photoshoot to surprise him. Maybe it’s a birthday present or an anniversary gift – we can help. From a semi nude to totally nude photoshoot, we work with him and his comfort level. When planning a mens sexy photoshoot we can coordinate whether to shoot it in a studio, your home or somewhere else entirely (if you’re thinking somewhere artistic).

Looking for large men nude? Being a nude men photographer we work with all body shapes and sizes. Whether straight or gay nude photography, we cover all genres.

Conclusion On Your Male Nude Photoshoot

Whether you want a male boudoir photo shoot or male nude photos to show off your physique or to enter into the adult entertainment industry in LA, we can help. Male nude models are always needed and the male adult industry jobs high quality nude photography.

It’s important to remember that naked men photography doesn’t have to be raunchy or distasteful. Male nude photography can be photographed in a manner that is fine art and something that you can look back on years from now (also known as an implied nude photo shoot)

Our mens boudoir shoot accomplishes that.

Years as a nude male model photoshoot studio, we have the knowledge and professionalism to capture some of the best male nude photos. Contact us using the form below to discuss and book your next nude male photoshoot.



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