What Is An Ecommerce Photographer?

An ecommerce photographer (or e-com photographer) is responsible for photographing quality and accurate images of products, apparel or services that will be sold online.

But what does the word “accurate” mean?

A freelance ecommerce photographer in LA knows how important it is too flawlessly light the clothing and apparel in order to capture the specific details and selling points. Similar to what an advertising and commercial photographer must do.

Furthermore, lookbook and ecommerce photographers have to shoot the clothing in the designers new collection. Depending on the size of the collection, this can range from 10 clothing pieces or 40+ plus.

Some of these apparel and clothing products may have intricate beading work or lace that must be accurately captured on camera – as these are key features of the garment.

Ecommerce Photographer Near Me in LA

Fashion lookbook photographers understand that when shooting clothing photography, you will have to light lace and beads differently than you would leather.

These adjustments need to be made to highlight certain features correctly and this is why working with a professional ecommerce photographer is important.

Clients want to watch out for ecommerce fashion photographer who’s clothing photography shows certain details on products, apparel or clothing that is too dark (almost black where everything blurs in together) or blown out (too white where the detail is lost).

Knowing how to photograph clothes is a must for any ecommerice photographer in Los Angeles. Remember that online shoppers expect the clothes they see online to be exact once they receive them.

Did You Know: As a Los Angeles fashion photographer, Sergio Garcia implements some of these rules as well. 


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Ecommerce Photography Services in LA by Sergio Garcia Photography

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Los Angeles Apparel Photographers

Sergio Garcia is an experienced Los Angeles apparel photographer who has worked with both clothing, apparel and product clients in the fashion, bridal and luxury footwear and even eyewear photography

As a notable apparel photographer, Sergio and his team are able to truly capture the character and structure of your clothing and apparel. Whether you need him to capture the intricate pattern details on a coat or the silky movement of a gown, SGP has the know-how to make your garment and product shine.

This experience makes SGP’s one of the premier photo studios with top ecommerce photography services in Los Angeles.

Creative Apparel Fashion Photographer

There are times when clients may not know what the best way to capture their product is – and that’s ok.

As full-service apparel photographers in LA we love to be able to sit down with the client and find out what is special about their product.

For instance, what techniques or fabric add that special touch to your clothing? We want to get a sense of who your customer is. Where would they travel to and who would they associate with?

As commercial lookbook photographers, the answers to these questions allow our clothing photography to develop a specific look and lifestyle for your brand – which is the goal of an ecommerce photoshoot.

*Speaking of developing a brand, were you aware that lifestyle photographers in Los Angeles have the enormous task of capturing the entire look and feel for their lifestyle photography clients? 


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Hire A LookBook Photographer in Los Angeles

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Clothing Photography Near Me in LA

How to photograph clothing to sell has both changed, and stayed the same, throughout the years. For example, you no longer necessarily have to shoot your pieces in front of a blank white wall (unless of course, that’s what you’re going for). If you’re an up and coming fashion or lifestyle brand, maybe you want your lookbook shot on the beach or in the midst of a lush green setting.

When searching for a photographer for clothing line it is always best to hire one who has experience providing both ecommerce photography services in studio and on-location. As your designs and creative direction grow, you will more than likely alter the way your lookbook is photographed. Therefor, you want to be sure that the ecommerce photographer can handle the change of setting.

Build A Working Relationship with Your Ecommerce Photographer

Although we understand that certain situations may arise where this may be needed, we strongly recommend that you find a clothing product photographer you can stick with, Why? They will become more aware of your specific needs and be able to provide top quality ecommerce photos that are distinct to your brand.

Be careful of constantly changing who you use as your Los Angeles ecommerce photographer for your clothing line.

This will cause your brand and overall look to be choppy and inconsistent season to season – or as new products are released.

Sergio Garcia shoots clothing photography across the United States in the following major cities:

  • Clothing Photographer in Los Angeles – Clothing photography in LA include some of the most notable brands in the world. Launching these brands require the knowledge of a catalog photographer in Los Angeles that has the eye and right skillset.
  • NYC Clothing Photographer – Apparel photography is all about making sure that the texture and true color of the products is captured. Therefore when it comes to clothing photography for ecommerce you want an experienced photographer that has the specialized equipment needed to make sure all your products are accurately depicted. 
  • Chicago Apparel Photographer – Fashion clothes photography can be achieved by the use of lighting, setting or pose. Clothing photography doesn’t have to be shot on a mannequin, as a matter of fact, we suggest not shooting your items on one as it looks dated and out of touch with current customers. Your audience wants to see your apparel and clothing on a real model so they truly get a sense of how the clothing fits.
  • Dallas Clothing Photographer – Clothing product photography doesn’t only have to involve flat lays. One can push it further and incorporate props or models to make your clothing photography more interesting to the viewer. Shooting clothing product shots should be a fun and unique way to show your brands persona off.

Book Your Next Lookbook or Ecommerce Photoshoot in LA

Ready to capture your upcoming collection? Email Sergio Garcia Photography by using the contact form below. If possible, make sure to include as many details regarding your lookbook and ecommerce photoshoot project including:

  • Budget
  • Shoot Location
  • Number of SKU’s
  • Turn Around Time
  • Mood Board
  • And if any help will be needed securing talent, hair stylist, make-up artist etc



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