LA fashion photographers, like Sergio Garcia, are both creative and easy to work with. Sergio and his team strive to deliver a seamless and collaborative environment when working with fashion clients – whether apparel, lifestyle photography, advertising or other commercial fashion photography

This is why Sergio and his team have worked on various fashion photoshoots throughout California, including: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palm Springs and San Diego.

Fashion clients who require an inventive and productive fashion photographer in Los Angeles work with Sergio because they know he has the technical ability for:

Location Fashion Photography in LA

A fashion photographer knows that Los Angeles offers a diverse amount of backdrops for a fashion photoshoot. Whether shooting in downtown Los Angeles, Malibu, Joshua Tree, Palmdale, or anywhere in between, a Los Angeles fashion photographer has to have the team in place and technical ability to handle whatever hurdle mother nature may throw at them during a location fashion photoshoot. 

Studio Fashion Photography in LA

Although shooting a fashion campaign in a studio offers the conveniences of everything being in one place, top LA fashion photographers know that there are still infinite things that can go wrong. From set design, talent casting and hair and make up, Sergio and his team are capable of handling the many logistics of a fashion studio photoshoot in Los Angeles.

You can see why it’s important that a top photographer fashion portfolio showcase both on-location and in-studio fashion photography. This shows you that the Los Angeles fashion photographer knows how to maneuver in both environments, which is a must.

Fashion Photographers in Los Angeles

As one of the noted LA fashion photographers, Sergio Garcia blossoms when he is able to capture the personality of the fashion brand, a distinct style or a certain mood with his fashion photography.

Fashion photography in Los Angeles ranges from beauty, swimwear, mens fashion, womens fashion, lingerie, and lifestyle. This is something that Sergio and his team are both comfortable shooting and excel at.

Fashion Photography: What’s The Purpose?

LA fashion photographers understand that the main objective of any fashion photoshoot is to capture the clothing, product or service in a way that is both commercially marketable and creatively eye catching. 

His career spans 14+ years as a Los Angeles fashion photographer. Therefore, fashion clients know that Sergio Garcia is a dependable photographer for their fashion photography projects.  

There is no “I” in team. We understand that it takes a well oiled machine and a collective team to make every fashion photography project a success. 


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Top Fashion Photographers in Los Angeles, California

Fashion photographers in Los Angeles like Sergio Garcia and his team understand that some clients need further assistance than just fashion photography. This is why SGP offers pre-production help including:

  • Location Scouting – A location plays a huge role in fashion photography. Whether on the beach or in the middle of a street, we can help scout the perfect spot in Los Angeles for your next photoshoot.
  • Permit Securing
  • Talent Casting – Whether a model or actor, LA fashion photographers know that the right face is essential to communicate with your target customer. Sergio and his team can handle casting the perfect face for your next fashion photography campaign.
  • Catering
  • Retouching Services
  • Hair Stylist
  • Make Up Artists
  • Set Designers
  • Producers
  • & Videographers

Sergio Garcia Photography is one of the full service fashion photographers in Los Angeles. This ensures that we have a seamless fashion shoot for your next fashion photography campaign, lookbook or e commerce photoshoot in LA

Services of LA Fashion Photographers

Clothing Photographers in Los Angeles

Fashion designers need clothing photographers that know how to manipulate light in order to capture the small details of their fashion garments.

For example, lace, fringe or beading may require different types of fashion lighting in order to capture the small nuances that will make these techniques, and selling points, noticeable to the commercial market.

A lookbook fashion photographer will know how to correctly capture your garments so that there are no mistakes when customers are shopping your collections online.

LA Fashion Lifestyle Photographer

When creating your next fashion campaign, a fashion lifestyle photographer may be needed in order to help capture the perfect fashion lifestyle photos for your brand. If captured correctly, these fashion lifestyle photos will make the viewer want to live, or become a part, of your fashion brands story.

For example, a current trend is urban fashion photography due to its easy and relaxed vibe. Fashion streetwear photography is all about understated fashion that is both utilitarian and minimal.


Contact Sergio Garcia Photography, A Los Angeles Fashion Photographer

As creative LA fashion photographers, Sergio Garcia and his photo team are easy-to-work-with, attentive and strive to deliver fashion photography that is eye catching and captures your brands message.

Whether working with the client directly, their ad agency or marketing company, SGP is all ears to learning what makes your product special. Similarly, how we need to work as a team in order to make that come across in the fashion photography that we capture.

Ready To Work With A Los Angeles Fashion Photographer?

You can reach Sergio Garcia Photography directly by using the contact form below. Please include specific details regarding your fashion project including:

  • time frame
  • objectives
  • deliverables
  • pre-production requests
  • budget 

We look forward to working with you on your next fashion advertising campaign in Los Angeles, or elsewhere.


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